ARPH Dogs need your help!



Madeline has had a string of bad luck, starting with being being born 4 years ago into a puppy mill.  During the last 4 years she has produced litter after litter of puppies.  Something happened, she was limping, the miller released her to a vet, who released her to Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline.  Coming to ARPH is the best thing that could happen to Madeline!!!

Days after Madeline arrived with her foster home she was taken to the vet.  Her teeth were in horrible shape, she could barely eat.  Her limp was much more pronounced than anticipated.  The vet took x rays to determine the source of her limp, Madeline's pelvis was fractured.  Now she would need two more surgeries beyond a spay.  First up she needed a dental so she could enjoy eating again and put on some weight.  At 37 pounds, she was under weight.

A week after arrival Madeline was scheduled for her dental.  During the pre-dental exam, the vet felt a lump near her breast.  The tumor was odd enough that the vet removed it and another lump during her dental surgery.  He sent the lumps out to be biopsied.  It was a long week while we all waited to find out the type of mammary tumor.  Everyone was happy to find out the tumor was benign!!!

Next up Madeline will be spayed, no more puppies, for this sweet girl!!!!  Lastly she will need to have a femoral head and neck removal to her left hip.  She will have a long recover, but she will not be in pain anymore.

The vet said said she has as strong a will to live as any dog he's every dealt with. He wants to get her back to normal as soon as possible.  Everyone who meets Madeline sees her sweet disposition and her drive to enjoy life.   Total expenses will be over $6000 to cover Madeline's surgeries.  Will you please donate to help cover our costs?  Please go to our page, click on the PayPal link to donate.  Include Madeline's name and number 14132 in your donation.




Marla needs your help!  She has a sad story having been turned in to a shelter in GA, then transferred to a shelter in FL, rescued by a rescue in FL and treated for heartworms (she is now heartworm free!), adopted out in FL, and her owners moved from FL to TX to OR.  Her owners turned her in to us because their life circumstances had changed and they felt they were too inexperienced for her. The FL rescue noted she needed a dental but it never got done.  Marla needs her 4 K9s removed (the vet thinks this damage was done by chewing on a crate or wires) and the vet noted at her initial exam she was extremely reluctant to have her right leg manipulated.  The vet placed her on an anti-inflammatory but she still won't jump into a car, so we are also going to do x-rays when she has her dental.  The estimate for all of this is $1100. 

Marla is a sweet, wiggle-butt and loves people.  She needs your love back - please help her to overcome the pain she is currently feeling by clicking on the attached link, going to Marla's PayPal button and donating to her care.  ARPH PNW thanks you!




Nikki ARPH #13659 has come upon some hard times and could use the help of Aussie lovers. She was surrendered to ARPH after her owner was taken to a nursing home. If that isn’t bad enough she came into rescue in poor shape. She has skin issues which include hair loss and hot spots. Her coat is dry and wiry and very itchy. In addition she will be needing a dental as her teeth are in horrible shape.

The good news is she is sweet as can be and has landed in a wonderful foster home that is committed to getting her back to shape. All she needs now is a little help from those willing to share the holiday spirit with a girl in need.