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Turner ARPH #13892 (Texas)


This sweet, gentle soul is an approximately 8-9 year old blue merle male we've named Turner. He was picked up as a stray in Corsicana, TX and was never reclaimed... which is a terrible shame, as Turner was clearly a beloved pet once before. He came to our program already neutered, and knows how to sit, shake (with both paws), lay down, and roll over. He is totally house-broken, has wonderful manners, and walks beautifully on a leash. He also has evidence of a prior hip surgery, something that is very expensive! We wish Turner could tell us his story so we could track down the person who put so much time and love into him.

We have been administering long-term treatment to Turner for advanced heartworms through a "slow-kill method" - what that means is we are slowly allowing the worms to die off by stopping their reproduction cycle instead of the standard "injection treatment" that kills the worms right away. We chose this method due to the stag
e and severity of his infection - X-rays show that he has permanent damage from them and our Vets were concerned about his ability to physically handle the usual course of treatment. Through no fault of his own, it has come to our realization that Turner will always need to be on a medicinal protocol to help control and maintain his comfort level... but we know he has plenty of life left in him and he has shown us he can be comfortable and happy. So we are looking for a home that will not hold his medical needs (or his age) against him and provide him with a loving retirement home!

(PS: X-rays also showed that he had been shot before.... so whatever happened between his first owner and ending up in the shelter system, we may never know.)



*Adoption fees do not begin to cover the expenses that are needed for dogs who have needs above the normal vetting expenses. Please consider helping us by donating to Turner's care. No donation is too small. Donations can be submitted by clicking on the PayPal button below.  Turner and the volunteers at ARPH thank you for your consideration!