ARPH Dogs need your help!

Texas dogs!! 

In the course of 3 months, the ARPH Reps in Texas have brought in 29 dogs.... only 4 of which have been transferred to outside groups. 25 remain in ARPH, and only 10 of these have been relocated to other ARPH regions (thank you PNW and NM chapters!)

These dogs have come to us with giardia, coccidia, a hoard of intestinal parasites (hooks, rounds, whips, tapes), skin and ear infections, an umbilical hernia, heartworms, and a few have required medicinal therapy to help adjust to life as a house-pet. We also have one with a suspicious lump that has not yielded conclusive results and requires further testing (and likely, excision.)

In all (not including the 4 dogs that went to other rescue groups), the bill for ARPH - Texas hovers just below $16,000 so far (no expense is spared in the care of our dogs!) These costs reflect only THREE MONTHS of operation (and does not include food, toys, crates, or gas for ground transport!!!!)

We have been blessed with many of your donations in the past - and for that, we thank you! To keep our efforts going, however, will necessitate more financial contribution... if at all possible!

We are humbly seeking your donation, no matter how small, to help benefit all of the dogs we have rescued (some pictured below), or future ARPH dogs.

Donating is simple and only takes a few minutes.  Please click on the Paypal link below to help our Texas dogs.





  Sawyer ARPH #13773 (Midwest)


Sawyer is a super cute friendly laid back 49 pound 2-year-old Red Bi with brown eyes and adorable freckles. He is friendly with everyone – canines, cats, and people.

Sawyer came into ARPH from a shelter after being picked up as a stray. Unfortunately, he was found to be heartworm positive and is undergoing treatment. His treatment should be completed towards the end of April, and he then is expected to be available for adoption at that time.

Sawyer is being fostered in Central Indiana with cats and other dogs. He loves to play with his toys and is your typical Velcro Aussie. He is easy on the leash and enjoys riding in the car. Sawyer knows to sit for treats and foster mom is working with him on other commands. He likes to please, is very attentive to his human and has great recall.

ARPH has always been fortunate to have so many caring donors for Aussies with special needs. Adoption fees rarely cover the basic cost of routine vetting. Please consider donating to help us cover this extraordinary cost so that we can continue to help Aussies like Sawyer by clicking on the donation button below.