ARPH Dogs need your help!

Sami ARPH #14027 

Sweet Sami is a loving 1 ½ year old female Blue Merle who has bilateral juvenile cataracts. Prior to rescue, Sami had been relegated to the family’s backyard because the husband did not like having dog hair in the house. The wife felt sorry for Sami and sought help to rehome her. Upon exam, it was discovered that Sami has advanced cataracts and very compromised vision. Sami’s ophthalmologist states that with surgery, Sami will be able to have her left eye’s vision restored 100%. She is not a surgical candidate for right eye surgery but does have some limited vision.

ARPH needs your donations so that we can provide Sami with surgery so that she can see. Treatment and follow up care is projected at $4400.00. ARPH has always been so very fortunate to have so many caring donors for Aussies with special needs. Please help us to help Sami by donating. Any donation no matter how large or small helps.

Donating is simple and only takes a few minutes.  Please click on the Paypal link below to help Sami.