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Gala #14044


Gala is a 18 month old black tri female. She is 20 inches tall and weighs 38lbs. She came to ARPH as a 5 week old puppy (along with her mom and brother who have been adopted). In the time she has been with ARPH she has learned a lot. Gala is crate trained, housebroken, been through manners classes, taken some agility lessons, is doing nosework, loves disc and fetch, is crazy about dock jumping, and has been exposed to sheep. She is smart, learns quickly, is biddable, and is fast! She can go all day but she also has an off switch.

Unfortunately she had a bizarre accident and surgery was her only option. She was running and playing with the aussie in her foster home. She unfortunately mistimed one of her spin moves and crashed into a pole. She has fractured at least two vertebrae, has a damaged disc and must have surgery to fix the damage and stabilize her back so that the fracture can heal.

As you can imagine back surgery by a board certified neurologist is not cheap. Gala is a lovely, smart young aussie that can bounce back from this surgery and have a long and wonderful life ahead of her and thanks to ARPH she has that chance.


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Update Fri, Sept 13: Gala's surgery went well. The surgeon was very pleased with the results, but she is not out of the woods. She is still sedated today because they want her to remain as calm and still as possible. The good news is that she does have feeling in her toes, and is able to move her legs on her own (although at this point she really doesn't want to).

Tomorrow they will try to get her to eat, and if she is doing well they will begin very minor physical therapy - moving her legs to stop her muscles from atrophying.

She will be hospitalized with 24-hr, around-the-clock care for a full week, and then faces at least 3 months of physical rehabilitation. This will cost our organization ~$8,000 to provide the best, most progressive care for her... but we are all about quality rescue and know she is worth the fight.

We are very fortunate to have access to some of the most progressive and state-of-the art veterinary care, but we couldn't take advantage of it without the generosity of our adopters and volunteers.

We will post updates as Gala recovers.

Update Sept 16:  Gala continues to make good progress with her recovery which is amazing considering everything she has been through in the last week.

Her surgery took nine hours! Not only did she fracture vertebrae but she had a herniated disc that had to be removed. Along with that there was a significant amount of soft tissue damage – which is not surprising. Because of the severity of her injuries she has been receiving Level 2 hospitalization care (Level 1 is basic) up until today. She will be receiving Level 1 care starting today because of the improvement in her condition. Level 2 care means that she has had IV’s, injectable medication (which is much more expensive than oral), a urinary catheter, and constant monitoring of all of her vital signs around the clock. The amount of care she has received has been truly amazing and we are very grateful that the doctors and nurses are so caring and diligent.

If you have already donated we can’t thank you enough. If you haven’t and would consider making a donation (no matter how small) Gala and all of the Texas ARPH volunteers will be very appreciative. If the funds are not used for Gala they will be used for the next dog in need.


Update Sept 19: Gala is recovering nicely – her surgeon is very pleased with her progress. She is being discharged from the hospital tomorrow afternoon. He reported to me this morning that she has control of her bodily functions (which is a great sign of recovery) and she also has control of her legs. When the nurses use a sling to support her she doesn’t try to use her legs – he thinks she is just being stubborn. Imagine – a stubborn aussie!! But he spied on her in her pen and while she was sleeping she was stretching all four legs – so she does have control of her legs and we will just need to work with her to teach her she can use them again.

The fund raising has been very successful – we cannot thank everyone enough for their generosity. At this time we have raised enough money to cover her surgery and hospitalization. We are going to continue fundraising so that we can cover her after-care checkups and any physical therapy visits she will need. Her surgeon believes she will need physical therapy for the next three months (not always with a professional – her foster home will be taught how to do her daily exercises).

Gala is a tough girl and I am very confident that she is going to recover and be running and playing again. All thanks to ARPH.


Update Sept 21: Gala #14044 was so excited to see her foster mamas for the first time since surgery! AND...she came home today! She is just starting to use her hind legs too.

It will be a slow process as the pain and swelling recede and she discovers her legs again! Her surgeon expects a full recovery. She even found her voice again 😉. She's really happy to be home at her foster parents.

Gala broke her back playing with the resident Aussie a little over a week ago and had surgery a week ago. We thank everyone who has been so generous in donating to her care, and are hoping more will be willing to help us with the costs of the extraordinary surgery. If you'd like to help Gala, it's easy to make a donation. No amount is too small!.