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Tuff ARPH #13768 (Midwest)


Tuff needs your help! Tuff is a 7-month-old 35-pound blue merle male who after being struck by a car was dropped off at a shelter by his former owner. The shelter contacted ARPH asking for help as Tuff had a right humeral fracture requiring emergency surgery in order for him not to lose his leg. Even though Tuff was in distress, he still was giving everyone kisses. He is being fostered in Central Indiana and is targeted to be available for adoption early December after his recovery.

ARPH has always been fortunate to have so many caring donors for Aussies with special needs. Tuff’s emergency surgery and aftercare fees alone are $3400 due to the complexity of the fracture. Any donation no matter how large or small helps. Please help us cover this cost so that we can continue to help Aussies like Tuff by clicking on the donation button below.





 Justin ARPH #13702 (Northwest)

Meet Justin, our newest foster! Justin is about 2 years old, has a stellar personality and loves dogs and people. Justin’s full name is Just’in the Nick of Time because ARPH pulled him the day he was to be euthanized at a shelter. Once he came into rescue it became apparent that something wasn’t quite right with his left leg. When he was neutered we had x-rays taken and discovered that the head of his femur had been broken off and his left leg muscles have atrophied.


Subsequently we took Justin to a veterinary surgeon in Seattle and he needs surgery to remove the femur head. The surgery will cost about $3000. Femur head removals are quite common for dogs in Justin’s condition and the surgeon expects significant improvement in function and comfort. Without this surgery, Justin’s joint will continue to degenerate and his other leg will be affected due to gait problems.  Please help to cover this cost by clicking on the PayPal button below.