ARPH relies on its volunteers who give selflessly of their time, talents, energy, and homes. We need your help and that of every Aussie lover to rescue as many dogs as possible. Please consider becoming a volunteer. There are a number of opportunities available.


Rescue Representatives

These volunteers evaluate dogs' eligibility for the ARPH program as well as being responsible for the placement of these dogs. Fostering is not a requirement, although many reps do foster. Representatives also handle phone calls and e-mails, evaluate dogs and screen applications from potential adopters to determine if their lifestyle matches the personality of an Aussie. They work closely with both foster homes and adopters. A knowledge of Aussies is very important for this position, as is experience in rescue. Good interpersonal skills are needed, as well as the ability to handle many different tasks.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about being a Rescue Representative

Foster Homes

We especially enjoy hearing from folks who might be willing to be temporary foster families for Aussies awaiting adoption. Our Fosters are our saviors. We depend on them heavily to give us more information about the Aussie for whom they are caring. These volunteers care for ARPH dogs in their own homes. They are often called upon to have dogs vetted, do some training and socializing of the dogs, and speak to potential adopters. They work hand in hand with the reps, as they are the ones who get to know the dogs the best. Their evaluation of a dog's personality and temperament helps the rep place the dog in the most appropriate home. Some experience with training is very useful, but not required. Veterinary expenses are reimbursed; foster homes supply food and most importantly LOVE to homeless Aussies.


General Volunteers

ARPH has a multitude of jobs that are performed by our General Volunteers. They may do home visits, help with transporting a dog, fundraise, maintain webpages, help at rescue booths, etc. This is a great way to begin in rescue and acquaint yourself with how it works.


If you don't have the time to volunteer, there are still other ways to help. Our volunteers spend much of their own money on rescues. Would you consider donating...
• Gift Certificates for Pet Supply stores
• Dog Crates
• Dog Collars/Leashes
• Dog Food
• Flea and Tick Medications (Frontline, Advantage etc.)
• Toys and Chewies
• Miscellaneous Items such as Shampoos, Phone Cards, Gas Cards, Cameras or anything else you can think of!