Please complete the adoption application before contacting us about an available Aussie.







Adopting from ARPH

Please be advised that during the current COVID-19 restrictions, responses from our volunteers may be delayed and home visits postponed.  Thank you for your understanding.



The Australian Shepherds available for adoption through ARPH come from many sources. Some of them have been rescued from pounds and shelters. Others are referred to us by owners who can no longer keep their dogs for a variety of reasons. ARPH only accepts purebred Aussies into the program. Vicious dogs are not accepted into any of the listings.

The majority of dogs we rescue are young adults or adults. While pups do appear from time to time, they are not common. More males than females tend to be the trend in rescue as well so please consider both genders when adopting.

Our dogs are kept in foster homes with volunteers who share their homes with these dogs until the right adoptive home is found. These foster homes evaluate for temperament and also work on basic training of the dogs.



All of our dogs over 6 months of age are spayed/neutered. We feel there are more than enough Aussies already in need of homes and that our rescues should not be used for breeding. If a dog is too young to be altered the adopter will need to agree in writing to do so by the time the dog is 6 months of age.

Our dogs have been seen by a vet and declared healthy for adoption. They are up to date on vaccinations, have been heartworm tested and also been cleared for parasites.



Anyone wishing to adopt a dog through ARPH must first complete an Adoption Application. When the adoption application is complete it is forwarded to the ARPH Rescue Representative closest to you. That representative will review the application, call all references, discuss parts of your answers with you, and may ask for a home check during the application approval process. ARPH looks for homes with a past history of responsible dog ownership which includes annual vetting of all pets.

After you have completed the application and submitted it, please be patient--it may be several days to a few weeks before you hear back from a representative. Most ARPH Volunteers have jobs during the day, as well as families and their own dogs to tend to in the evenings. This is a labor of love for us all, and we work very hard to respond as quickly as possible to potential adopters.

We do NOT ship dogs to adopters.



Once your application is approved, the ARPH Rescue Representative with whom you are working will help you find the right dog to match your family. Sometimes a dog that matches your home will be available immediately, but in most cases, it will take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. The more narrow your criteria for the right dog, the longer the wait. If your heart is set on a certain color, gender or age, you will probably wait longer than the adopter who is open on all these things. We do not place our dogs on a "first come, first served" basis, but according to the needs of the dog.

Many, but not all, of our ARPH Rescue Representatives have a web site or Facebook page for their area or region where you can receive more information specific to their area. Please look at the Available Dogs below, on our Facebook page, or visit the other ARPH regional sites to find available ARPH Aussies.

ARPH's careful screening process endeavors to ensure that each Aussie is placed in a loving, caring, and permanent home. ARPH is looking for owners who have adequate time, energy, and resources for Australian Shepherds. If your home fits those requirements, we look forward to hearing from you.




ARPH's standard adoption fee for a fully vetted dog is $300 U.S. Any donations above the standard fee will help to offset any necessary expenses, and are tax deductible (for U.S. residents only).

Occasionally, the fee may be lowered for special needs dogs and some senior dogs. Unaltered puppies require an additional spay/neuter deposit which is refunded upon proof of spay/neuter, per ARPH's adoption contract.


We sometimes have aussies on referral from private homes.

Please see our Referrals page.




Ruby ARPH #14417


Ruby is a fun loving 1-year-old blue eyed, 45-pound red headed beauty with a birthdate of 6-20-20. Ruby joins the ranks of the many wonderful Aussies who have been surrendered to ARPH due to no fault of their own. This happy, playful young pup lived as a single dog until coming into rescue but is thoroughly enjoying having foster siblings to play with all day long. She has done very well passing bikes, people, dogs, and children of all ages while in public places. Ruby never meets a stranger and loves to greet. Ruby is also fully house trained.

Did we mention Ruby likes to play? Although she loves having playmates, Ruby sometimes as a young playful pup needs to be reminded to give the resident dogs space when they have had enough. She also enjoys playing with toys with her foster mom and is learning how to chase and retrieve a frisbee. Ruby enjoys going for walks at the park and will joyfully jump in the car and in the crate to go for a ride. Leash skills and basic obedience are still in progress, but she is very eager to learn and desperately wants to please. She is curious like most young pups her age and still requires supervision or crate time while left alone. She reportedly lived with a cat for a period in her former home and did well with cat testing in her foster home.

Ruby is a young Aussie girl who wants to be near her people and will do best in a home where she is not left alone for any extended length of time. She is looking for an active home that can provide the mental and physical stimulation that is required for most herding breed dogs to be happy and healthy. As with all our adopters, participation in a formal basic obedience class is expected for communication and bonding. Ruby would most definitely benefit from someone wanting to take her training further as she is super smart and would excel in most dog sports if given the opportunity. Ruby will not be placed in a home that is not already living an active lifestyle that includes committed time to dog activities such as regular daily walks, frisbee/ball playing, etc. A physically fenced yard is required, another playful dog would be great, and children over the age of 9 are welcome for consideration.

Ruby is being fostered in the Northeast Indiana area. If you are an approved ARPH adopter with a current application on file and interested in learning more about Ruby, please contact [email protected]. If you are not but are interested in becoming an approved ARPH adopter, please submit an adoption application. Emails cannot be considered until there is an adoption application on file.


Caramel ARPH #14443


Caramel is a sweet, little 2.5 year old 38 pound red tri Aussie with unique coloring who's ready to find her forever home.

Caramel is a professional cuddler and adores her person. She is a true velcro Aussie and will follow you around all day!  She is excited to meet people and can be a little crazy around other dogs. She would be best in a home with no other dogs or confident males.   She's working on learning how to walk well on a leash but will still need some practice and a patient owner. She would love a large, fenced yard to run around in!  She knows some basic commands like sit and stay and is eager to learn!  She loves toys and playing ball.  She enjoys children, but can be a little excited when meeting people so she will need a home with children ages 12 and up.

She's 100% housebroken and crate trained, although she doesn't seem to need the crate in her foster home. She is lovable and is easily won over with attention and treats. The way to her heart is definitely with love and food!

Caramel is up-to-date on all of her shots and is on monthly prevention for fleas/ticks and heartworms. She is spayed and microchipped. She is being treated for a possible allergy (or stress related) with some hair loss on her back paws.

If you appreciate epic displays of happiness when you return home, this sweet girl might be the Aussie for you!  If you think you might be the right one,  please submit an application. If you are already approved, please contact Amy.


Beauty ARPH #14294

Gainesville, TX

Beauty is located in Gainesville, TX and it is required that you travel there to meet her in person to adopt, no exceptions. We do need the entire party to be involved when meeting available dogs, including every family member and dog(s) that currently live in your home.

Beauty is a 9yo spayed female that came to us after two different members of her human family passed away. She was very loved and struggled with their loss by going on a hunger strike. Fortunately, she is now doing well and is getting used to life in foster care.

Unfortunately, she tested heartworm positive, so she will be with us for several months as we take care of that issue. Please check back for future updates!

Please submit an adoption application if you are interested in any of our dogs. If you have already been approved, please contact Laura at [email protected] for more information.






Stone ARPH #14344


Hi! My name is Stone, but my foster mom likes to call me Gemmy because I'm really a gemstone! Nothing cold and hard about me, though!

I'm seven years old, neutered, and up to date on all my shots and things. I weigh about 55 pounds but will probably trim down a bit with all the activity in my foster home. I enjoy hanging out with my foster family, going for walks, and playing with balls and frisbees. I know all the basic commands like come, sit, down, stay and drop. I'm super polite in the house and don't jump up on people or furniture. I bark, but only when something important happens. At night, I sleep near my family or on a dog bed downstairs. During the day, I'll happily nap near you while you work or do important stuff around the house.

You might wonder how a gem like me ended up as a foster boy. Well, my first family had some life changes which were quite upsetting to me. I'm actually a pretty sensitive fellow; I startle easily and get scared. I've been known to run like the wind at some little thing I wasn't expecting. It is super important that I have a fenced yard at my new house. I may never be able to be off leash outside a fenced yard. Sometimes I hide a bit and peek around corners to make sure everything is ok. I'm sure I'll get more secure in a calm household with confident people who understand. But for now, I need safety, patience, and love.

I get along fine with my foster brothers, but we don't really play together. So I'd be fine as an only dog. Little dogs and little kids are not a good idea, but I'm okay with cats.

If you are interested in a handsome fellow looking for a calm, loving home, maybe we will be a match.  I'm being fostered near State College, PA, and will be available after October 29.  Thanks for the interest and be sure to check out my video.

If you are an approved adopter, please contact Kay.

Stone in action!

Gala ARPH #14044

Bedford, TX

Gala came to us with 24 other aussies, including her mother and brother, when a producer went out of business.

Gala is a beautiful 2.5 year-old black tri female who has been in foster care far too long. She is a great size at just 38 lbs. She is crate trained, housebroken, and is very loving with her “family”. She is smart, learns quickly, is biddable, is energetic but does have an off switch.

In September 2019 she had a freak accident and broke two vertebrae in her back. She had surgery to repair the break. Being the determined and optimistic girl that she is, she has recovered nicely and her happy personality has not been affected. We continue to do physical therapy to strengthen her back legs but they may always be less than perfect and she probably will never move with the grace and beauty that she did before the injury. However, that does not keep her from being a normal dog. She can still run like the wind, play fetch, swim, hike, and do things like nose work that do not require any jumping.

Gala has been through a lot of training. Probably far more than most foster dogs would get as she needed a mental outlet for her energy. She has been through puppy training, manners classes, agility, dock jumping, and nose work. While she can no longer do things that require jumping, she is able to participate in traditional obedience, rally, and nose work.

Her favorite things are playing fetch, running, and swimming. Running while squeaking a toy at the same time is the best! When she is playing with a toy, she trots around with it in her mouth, squeaking it to beat the band and proud as punch. She is also very food motivated and will do almost anything for food!

Gala wasn’t extremely interested in human touch when she was very young (she came to ARPH at just 5 weeks old) but as she has matured, she has figured out that belly rubs and massages are good things. She really is a happy girl and her nubbin and grin show that. She does give kisses (too many sometimes) and has even learned to snuggle.

Even though Gala has been exposed to a multitude of different people, places, and experiences, she is still unsure about new people and dogs she hasn't seen before. She is somewhat sensitive to people and dogs staring at her as well as some movement (people moving from sitting to standing, dogs running). She does bark at other dogs when she sees them but is friendly with dogs once she meets them. She does take some time to warm up to people (Treats help immensely!), but we know that she is very capable of bonding with people in a new home as she has made “vacation” visits to other foster homes and when given time to adjust to the new environment, she did well. She has shown no aggression with any people or dogs. And she loves playing bitey face and wrestling with the dogs in the foster home.

Gala’s perfect home would be an active home along the lines of walking, hiking, swimming, or ongoing training. The injury has slowed her down only a little; she still has plenty of spunk and energy. Being injured did not turn her into a couch potato. So, while she may not have the physical abilities she did before, she will still need plenty of physical and mental exercise. It will be important to keep her weight down. They will also need to be prepared to deal with any issues with the hardware in her back and the possibility of arthritis in the future. A home with another dog that is easy going (but not a push over) might be helpful with continuing to improve her confidence. She has done well in homes with multiple dogs (even small dogs). A home without children is best but a home with older children (12 and above) who behave appropriately around dogs might be okay. Adopters will need to be patient and understanding and continue working with her reserve with people, strange dogs & situations, and the barking that sometimes goes along with those. She will initially bond with a favorite person in the home but will eventually adjust to (and seek out) all occupants.

Gala deserves to be in her forever home. She has improved so much in the time she has been with ARPH. Someone just needs to be willing to give her a chance, even though she doesn't necessarily make a great first impression.

Gala is located in Bedford, TX and it is required that you travel there to meet her in person to adopt, no exceptions. We do need the entire party to be involved when meeting available dogs, including every family member and dog(s) that currently live in your home.

Please submit an adoption application if you are interested in any of our dogs. If you have already been approved, please contact Kim at [email protected] for more information.