Aussies in Need

The ARPH dogs below are in need of extra support. You can help by donating to the additional costs.

When we commit to a dog that requires special care or surgery, these costs can become exorbitant. Sometimes foster space isn't available, and we may need to board a dog temporarily. All of these costs quickly add up.

Please consider helping us meet the many extraordinary expenses for these Aussies.



Jack ARPH #14569



Jack needs your help!  Jack was found by an ARPH volunteer as he was running along a 6-lane highway in west Texas.  He was in poor physical condition with a matted coat.  Jack’s sweet personality was evident from day one – he loves everyone he meets – including other dogs and cats.

Thanks to his dedicated foster, it was discovered that he was in a significant amount of pain due to broken teeth and exposed roots, and some teeth that were completely rotted.  Jack needs extensive dental surgery to relieve his pain and enable him to regain his health, and these surgery costs are near $6,000.  No matter how big or small, your donation will make a difference in Jack’s life.  

You can donate by using his personal PayPay button located below. A PayPal account is not needed. Donations can also be mailed. Any donations exceeding Jack’s expenses will be reserved for other ARPH dogs in need.


Please click on the PayPal button to help Jack!



Lita ARPH #14552


Lita came to us in poor shape.   The worst discovery was that she had previously been shot with a hunting arrow, with the arrowhead tip still lodged in her body.  In addition she tested positive for heartworms, had ear infections in both ears, numerous skin infections, several broken teeth, and two cysts on her side.  Lita will also need ongoing medication for arthritis.    The cost of all the necessary medical treatments will be in excess of $4,500.  

Your donation will help ARPH to continue to provide needed medical care for Lita.  You can donate by using her personal PayPal button located below.  A PayPal account is not needed.  Donations can also be mailed.   Any donations exceeding Lita’s expenses will be reserved for other ARPH dogs in need.


Please click on the PayPal button to help Lita!