Aussies in Need

The ARPH dogs below are in need of extra support. You can help by donating to the additional costs.

When we commit to a dog that requires special care or surgery, these costs can become exorbitant. Sometimes foster space isn't available, and we may need to board a dog temporarily. All of these costs quickly add up.

Please consider helping us meet the many extraordinary expenses for these Aussies.



Jax ARPH #14320



Jax is an 8 year old neutered, blue merle male gem.  He came to us last week with a massive cyst on his back that was infected. The cyst is very extensive and needs to be surgically removed since it involves more than just the skin level.  He has taken everything in stride and made great friends at the vet's office.  He walks well on leash, LOVES people and gets along well with the resident Aussie and cat. Can you help get this boy on his way to recovery by helping with his medical expenses?

Any donations that exceed his surgical costs will be reserved for other ARPH dogs in need.

Please consider helping ARPH to pay for Jax's surgery using his personal PayPal Button here


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Bear ARPH #14408




Bear is a 10 plus year old neutered Black Tri boy.  He was abandoned in a backyard by his family who moved. The new owners found him in the backyard when they moved into their purchased home and called Animal Control. ARPH was then contacted by the shelter seeking our help. Bear’s coat was covered in paint, poo and mats, and his teeth were in horrible condition. Bear has completed his dental work-up and multiple grooming sessions.

However, upon further evaluation, Bear was found to have kidney disease. Diagnostics, on-going lab work, supportive medications and a special diet will be ongoing for Bear.

Bear has the sweetest disposition and just goes with the flow. He is very congenial and comes across as “an old soul.” He doesn’t ask for much, just a place to chew his bones, a leisure yard to explore, some time being next to his human and getting  a few loving pets.  Bear gets along well with the resident dogs, kids and the family cat.

Can you help us help Bear by contributing to his medical expenses by contributing using his personal PayPal Button below? Any donations that exceed Bear’s costs will be reserved for other ARPH dogs in need.

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