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Coco ARPH #13457


Meet Coco, she is 9 years old and 87lb.  Yep Coco is on a diet and working hard to get her girly figure back.    Coco is a very sweet girl and is having fun playing with her much younger foster brother.  She does need a little manners training but not much. Coco just wants to please and works hard to do what she is asked.

She is looking for someone patient and consistent on her healthy diet, exercise and socialization.  Coco behaves well on leash and loves to go on walks. 

Coco would do great with someone who is not looking for an active Aussie.  No agility or herding for this girl.  Don’t get us wrong this girl has a lot of life left in her she just would rather enjoy it at a slower pace.  If you want to learn more about Coco please contact Maria.


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