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ARPH #13640

Meet Hank! Hank is a big boy, 2 yrs, with a lot of love to give. His favorite activities are cuddling with his human, being with his human, and being part of a human family. His foster mom describes him as a big goober and a love bug.

Hank was originally picked up as a stray, because he was running loose and hanging out with another family and their kids (Hank loves kids). They didn't want to see him hit by a car, so they brought him to the shelter and contacted us.

Hank is moderate energy level, he is fully vetted, neutered and housebroken. He is currently living with two other aussies and a pitbull and loves to play with them – but, he has a little glitch. We discovered that when meeting strange dogs on leash on his "home turf" – he can sometimes be aggressive to them. He is fine off leash and perfect with other dogs in the household (he has gotten corrected by one of the other aussies, and now gives that dog a wide berth). This is not uncommon in dogs, and can easily be worked with through careful greetings, loose leashes and avoiding face-to-face greetings (Hank has only done it a few times, we don't think it's a practiced behavior). Because of this we want Hank to go to a family that will work with him so it doesn't become an established behavior. It is Hank's only glitch.

If you feel Hank is the right dog for you – and you are ready for a big cuddle-bug please contact Hope. If you not are an ARPH approved adopter and interested in Hank, please submit an adoption application.

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