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Willie ARPH #14232
Diana ARPH #14227

In April, APRH was made aware of a beautiful red merle female Aussie in Oklahoma -- she was not only beautiful, but she was heavily pregnant. Our organization scrambled to find a foster home in Kansas that could care for this Aussie and her puppies. In May, Brie gave birth to seven healthy puppies.

Unfortunately, the foster home had a family emergency in another state -- Brie and the puppies would need to move, this time to Virginia. A team of over a a dozen dedicated volunteers drove Brie and her puppies for two days across six states to their new foster home in Virginia.

Their trip was chronicled on social media, where it created a bit of a sensation -- before Brie and the pups even reached Virginia applications flooded in. First priority was given to the adopters that helped with the transport -- these passengers were easy to fall in love with!

So now there are two puppies -- Diana and Willie. Lovely Aussie, Brie and 5 of her adorable little pups have been adopted are now proud residents of Virginia! We keep getting glowing reports back from adopters on these pups and what a delight they are -- Brie was an excellent mom!

Now we have to focus on finding Willie and Diana their forever homes. Mom Brie is an Aussie and their dad, well, all we know is that he had good taste. Willie and Diana are well socialized, friendly, happy 3 month old puppies. They are as house broken as a 3 month old puppy can be. They are great with dogs, cats, kids -- truly perfect puppies! They love being cuddled and eager to return the affection. Diana and Willie have traveled a long way for two young puppies and really want their forever home! Their Aussie mom Brie was a smaller Aussie, we think Willie and Diana will also be medium sized dogs.

If you're interested in either puppy, please contact Karen.


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