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Bode ARPH #14216

Looking for tall, dark, and handsome? I could be your guy! Bode is a beautiful, young, neutered male, chocolate brown colored red tri. He turned one on April 10th and is still waiting for his special birthday gift, a home and family of his own.

At 57 pounds Bode is a large and energetic boy, he likes to go hiking and jogging with his foster mom, and is very playful, loving, sweet, and goofy. He may sound like Prince Charming, but he is actually a bit of a diamond in the rough. Bode has some fears and confidence issues that can cause him to be leash reactive in certain situations, and can bark or lunge when other dogs or children are nearby. He has made huge strides in his foster home and is working to ignore his fears and focus on his person while out walking. He will need a home that is willing and able to continue his positive reinforcement training in this area to help him continue to gain confidence and be more relaxed in social situations. We are looking for a home that enjoys training in both a formal setting and at home. Bode would love to try some fun dogs sports that would help to build his confidence. As he is young, he will also need a home that will set boundaries and reinforce them in positive ways.

Bode is housetrained and easily goes into his crate, but has too much energy to be crated for long hours each day. He currently is crated at night as well, but on the occasions he has been left out of the crate at night he has settled well and been fine, he would just prefer to snuggle with you all night long! He gets along well with his foster dog siblings, and would love a young, confident dog playmate in his new home. Larger groups of dogs make him nervous so he will only be placed in a home as an only or with one dog companion. He has been exposed to cats and while he has shown an interest he has been able to be redirected.

Bode is highly food motivated, which helps tremendously in training, and he loves to play fetch and tug with toys, and has shown a keen interest in Frisbee. He has a great start to his foundation training, and is working on sit, down, nose touch, paw, stay, and place. His loose leash walking is coming along really nicely. Once you are his friend, you are a friend for life, and he will shower you with kisses and cuddles.

Bode is being fostered in Southern New Hampshire. Those with an APPROVED application should contact Pat at aussieresc@aol.com


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Teddy ARPH #13634

Teddy is a handsome four year old red tri boy. Once his healthy new coat comes in, he will be stunning. He is neutered and up to date on vaccinations. Teddy is a light 50 pounds and needs to gain some weight. He was taken to a shelter because he was after the chickens and appears to have been an outside dog most, if not all of his life. He has not had much experience in his short life, but he is learning how wonderful it is to be a family member!

Teddy is getting along well with the other dogs and children in the home, but he has not been tested with cats. Given his penchant for chasing chickens, that would be a no. While living with his foster family, Teddy has learned how to go up and down stairs and to relax with the family in the evening. Probably medium to medium high energy, he does settle nicely in the house. He loves to play with his Labrador foster brother and enjoys a good walk.

Teddy has been known to steal and chew stuffed toys. He is typically right by his foster mom and follows her everywhere, the typical velcro Aussie. Teddy has yet to meet a person he does not like! He is a complete love bug. He is crate trained and will sleep quietly in the crate at night. His house training is coming along but will need to continue. The biggest challenge has been pulling on the leash. He was probably never on one and will pull very hard when he decides he wants to see or sniff something. He rides well in the car, once he's in, but he doesn't know how to get in and out yet.

Teddy needs a traditional, securely fenced yard and would enjoy a pal. He would do best with an Aussie savvy owner who is willing to work with him and put time into training him. The reward will be so worth the time!

Teddy is fostered in Berks County, PA, not far from Pottstown. If you are already approved, please contact Kay at bluedawg7@gmail.com



  Bo ARPH #14204
Shae ARPH #14202

Hello. My name is Bo and my sister's name is Shae...or Double Love as our foster mom calls us. We are 8 years old. We've had quite a rough time of it this year. First we lost our dad and then our home. Our mother tried very hard to keep us with her, even living in a car with us, before making the very difficult decision to give us up so we could find a loving new home. The nice people at the shelter where we had been staying for the last several months contacted ARPH and here we are! Together! Paws crossed that we find a home looking for two dogs!

Despite all we've been through, we are very sweet, friendly and love everyone we meet. We enjoy going for walks and rides in the car. We especially enjoy playing out in the yard, with each other and our foster mom. Our new family will have to be one that doesn't mind being followed around because although we are learning that when our foster mom goes to work she is coming back, we do keep an eye on her when she is home. I especially am careful about checking in. And to make sure we don't lose her at night I sleep at the foot of the bed and my sister at the headboard. Strange I know but she doesn't mind.

As they say...nobody's perfect. We are very well behaved and easy going but there are times when Shae will put feet on people to say Hi and on the counter to take a quick peek. We need a little work on our leash manners also. Eating out of separate bowls is coming along nicely but we will need continued work on that also. Shae is fond of other dogs, I can live without them. I am fine being around quiet, calm dogs that respect my space when out walking but prefer to spend time with just my sister.

So...if you are looking for a pair of pure joy...we are your guy and girl!! We are being fostered in southern Connecticut.

If you have an approved application please contact Pat at aussieresc@aol.com


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