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ARPH's North East region includes: Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Eastern Canada (Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland and Labrador).  We may not have a Representative in each location. Please check our Contact Page to see our list of Representatives.

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River's video


  River ARPH #14238

Meet River, a handsome two and a half year old red tri male, on the larger side at about 65 pounds. River rides well in the car, is housebroken and good in a crate, but he has not had to be crated in his foster home. He has yet to meet a person he doesn't like, and he gets along well with the children (ages 6 and 9, who are very dog-savvy) in his foster home. However, given his size, exuberance, and penchant for stealing food, he will not be placed with children under age 9. He is a licker, so the children have had to learn to defend themselves from unwanted kisses.

River tends to want to jump on strangers to say hello and give a kiss, but we are working on that. Approaching people slowly on leash has helped. River will get excited if he sees wildlife and needs to be redirected, so a traditional, securely fenced yard will be required. He does enjoy going out in the field on the long lead and playing with his foster brother Otis, a Labrador mix. Once inside, he settles nicely and is a very calm dog. He will bark if he sees someone walk by or if one of the other dogs in the house barks. At night he sleeps loose and has not had any issues.

River's main problem has been around food. He is a determined, convicted counter surfer and has one of the worst food-stealing habits his foster mom has ever seen. He has been banned from the kitchen for meal prep and mealtime. His only other fault is his dislike of cats, so he will need a home that is without them or other small animals.

River truly is a love and will be a very devoted companion. He just needs someone who can give him some training to help guide him and lead him in the right direction. Could you be that person?

River is fostered near Douglassville, PA. If you are already approved, please contact Kay



  CJ ARPH #14163

This adorable girl is CJ. She is a very active happy little 7 year old blue merle female, with a fluffy Aussie tail. She loves to run with her foster brothers and follows their every move. CJ also loves to sleep on her foster mom's lap while they watch TV.

CJ is very affectionate and gives chin kisses. Her affectionate behavior is especially heartwarming because CJ came from a hoarding situation, so life with only two dogs and a foster mom that's patient is SO NEW for her. CJ's foster mom has been introducing CJ to lots of new things – like leash, crate and potty training – CJ is mastering them all! While she's slow to warm up to people, she's learning that strangers are ok and once you earn her trust, she's yours for LIFE! Her foster mom recently took her to sheep herding trials where CJ stole everyone's heart. Aside from her transport to her foster home, the trip to the trials was likely her longest ride in a car – and she was great! CJ recently went to her foster mom's office where she was the center of attention – a little overwhelming at first – so many new people, sights, smells, and sounds, she quickly relaxed and fell asleep under her foster mom's desk.

The perfect home for CJ is one with another dog – she still needs to learn how to be a dog, and another dog will also help reinforce that humans are ok. CJ is shy, but there is not an aggressive bone in her cute body. She needs a patient owner that will continue to help her build her confidence and allow her to become the amazing Aussie that's beginning to emerge!

CJ is being fostered in Charlotte Hall, MD. If you're an approved ARPH adopter, or would like more info about her, please contactKaren



  DJ ARPH #14276

This little charmer is DJ. DJ is a five month old black tri male. He is not neutered, so will adopted with a spay/neuter agreement and additional deposit. DJ is being fostered in Frederick, Maryland. If you want a future hiking buddy – this guy is for you! DJ is all puppy, with a medium to high energy level. He's also VERY smart – so it will be important for his new family to exercise his mind as well as his body. Like all puppies, DJ needs training and we will require that his next family identifies a reputable positive trainer – the MD/VA ARPH Rep can provide recommendations. Kids love DJ and DJ loves kids, but he has a tendency to jump, so we will require that any children are dog savvy and willing to participant in training with the family. Other dogs are ok, but he doesn't do well with dominant dogs – so if there is a brother or sister in his future, a less dominant laid back sibling would be best. This little cutie may be active, but he enjoys a good cuddle session. If you think you check all the boxes for DJ, please contact Karen



  Sandy ARPH #14165

Are you looking for a cuddle buddy? If you are -- Sandy's your girl. Sandy is a beautiful 7 year old light red merle female -- her foster mom is feeding her a better diet, so we think her coat will be deepen and be shiny in no time! We consider Sandy a relatively low energy Aussie. She's such a lovely lady on her leash and can walk for miles -- it's her favorite thing! Sandy also loves her people -- she just wants to be around them. She does fine with other dogs -- but young dogs annoy her. One of her foster brothers is a high energy teenage male -- and she does not find his antics amusing. Her other foster brother is a more mellow guy -- he and Sandy get along just fine! Before coming to ARPH she was a frequent guest at doggie daycare. Sandy has not been around cats, but based on her demeanor, we can't imagine she'd be bothered by them. Sweet Sandy came to ARPH because she has a hormonal condition that causes frequent urination. Although it can be controlled through medication at a cost of about $20 a month -- the family she has known since she was a puppy, decided they no longer wanted to treat her and gave her up. Heartbroken Sandy is now looking for a new home. Sandy is being fostered near Blacksburg, Virginia and her foster mom says she's just doing great -- no accidents and she gives lots of love! If you think you can provide Sandy with a loving forever home and continue to treat her condition, please contact Karen.



  Bear ARPH #14164

Say hi to Bear! This great looking guy is a 7 year old black tri male who came into our program through no fault of his own. Despite losing his home, Bear is a happy and laid back guy, who does well on a leash and enjoys playing fetch – in fact, if he sees a ball being thrown, he will join in! Unfortunately, we don't know a lot about Bear's life before ARPH. But he's a real lover and has bonded very quickly with his foster family. He's respectful of his foster sister. While he won't touch her toys, he's starting to push for more territory in the home – taking her spot on the sofa as his! In addition to playing fetch, Bear loves a good chase and he's lightning fast! Bear's foster family lives in an urban neighborhood where he is exposed to cars, buses, outdoor restaurants and lots of dogs – he's done great with all the elements of urban living. We think the ideal home for Bear would be one where he could be the center of attention – playing fetch, going on walks and short hikes with lots of great smells -- and simply enjoying the company of his humans! Bear is being fostered in Alexandria, VA. If you'd like to learn more about Bear, please contact Karen.

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