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ARPH's North East region includes: Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Eastern Canada (Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland and Labrador).  We may not have a Representative in each location. Please check our Contact Page to see our list of Representatives.

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Pasha's Video

      Pasha ARPH #12849

Hi! My name is Pasha! Back in ARPH through no fault of my own, I'm a spayed, nine years young Aussie that's up to date on vaccinations and preventatives. Car rides are okay, and I'm very good in the house. I love to snuggle, play ball and chase squeaky toys! I am learning to be nice to my Aussie foster brother and sister; they are soooo much fun to play with! I'm learning to be more "doggie polite," by walking nicely on my lead, waiting patiently for my food and I'm a real whiz at "sit, down, come and paw." Counter surfing was one of the things I did when I first got to my foster home, but my foster mom had been working on that. I'm much better, which makes both of us happy. My foster mama took some pictures of my beautiful smile— check me out! And have I mentioned I love squeaky toys? Take a look at my video! My goofy side and good canine sense of humor will make me a great companion. I would love to have a special person or persons to cuddle with. That would make me soooo HAPPY!! I'm being fostered near Allentown, PA. If you are already approved, please contact Kay at [email protected]. If you are not an ARPH approved adopter please submit an adoption application.



Maggie's Video

      Maggie ARPH #14226

Hi, I'm Maggie (aka Mags)! I'm a four year old, spayed female and am looking for a new forever home. My foster family says I am a true Aussie. I am definitely a cuddle bug and will lay my head on your chest and look up at you adoringly with my beautiful golden eyes. I enjoy long morning walks and am pretty good on the leash, with some gentle reminders. But I'm a strong girl, so be ready to hold on if we come up to a misbehaving dog. I'm not aggressive, but those annoying yappy dogs that have no manners are not my favorites. My foster family is reminding me to heel as we approach other dogs to help me focus and not react or pull. I'm learning all the basic commands very quickly. I'm not a resource guarder and will let you take food away from me if it is something I'm not supposed to have. I don't have a strong prey drive. I'm not into crates but am very responsible in the house and like to sleep near my family at night.

Fun fact you might not know. I am an athlete! Yes, I know I don't look like a typical athlete right now. But my foster brother has been showing me all the Aussie moves. I can spin and twist, do the shoulder bump, and go into overdrive. It is so much fun! My first family loved me a lot but always kept me on a leash. So I'm really enjoying my new found freedom to run in a big yard and play with another Aussie, and my future home will need a traditionally fenced yard. I am very bonded to my person and could be happy as an only dog in an active family or have one male sibling dog of similar size, as long as he is fairly laid back. When the work and play is done, I'm also a great napping coach and will happily chill as long as you'd like. I like car rides and sit nicely in my harness in the back seat. I have a good recall, but you won't need it much because I'm probably already near you. If you need to shut a door for some reason, be sure to open it slowly; I'm usually right there waiting for you. I haven't been around cats so won't be placed with them.

I was recently at the vet so I'm up to date on all my vaccinations and on heartworm and flea/tick preventative. I did have a mild positive result for Lyme disease and am currently on a course of antibiotics. I'll soon be fit and trim, getting lots of exercise and eating my healthy diet. No table scraps, please! Carrots are okay though; I really love carrots! I'm looking forward to finding my forever home and have so much to offer my new family. My first family said I was a bit much for small dogs, and I can be a bit clumsy and might not be best with small children or elderly folks. But I think it would be fun to be around kids that like to run and play with me. So, if you're looking for an adoring, intelligent, hard-working athlete in training, I'm your girl.

I'm fostered in central Pennsylvania. If you are already approved, please contact Kay at [email protected]. If you are not an ARPH approved adopter please submit an adoption application.



      Laker ARPH #14312

Laker is a 10 year old 70lb, blue merle Australian Shepherd who still has lots of spunk, and will likely be more active once he loses 5-10 lbs! Laker is a very smart Aussie. He knows basic commands, and is very food driven, so we think he's a great candidate for more training and a fun activity like nosework. Laker knows how to play fetch and loves honking toys (or he happily shreds any stuffed toy). He has slowed down a bit, as you'd expect from a guy his age, but he definitely enjoys doing his tricks for his foster parents, or a nice tug of war -- and then enjoys a nice nap.

Laker LOVES a nice brushing, and happily nuzzles into your leg for pets. Laker is very polite. He does not jump up when meeting humans - which is great given his size. He sleeps happily in the next room while his foster family has dinner. He does not bark at neighbors or their dogs. He walks GREAT on a leash.

Laker currently has two foster sisters - ages 3 and 1.5 years. He has shown very little interest in them, BUT he prefers that they don't encroach on his space. Laker would like to spend his senior years as an only dog, with an attentive human. We agree that an active adult Aussie savvy home would be the perfect fit for Laker.

Laker is being fostered in Maryland. If you're an approved ARPH adopter please contact Karen at [email protected]. If you are not an ARPH approved adopter please submit an adoption application.



      Cedar ARPH #14214 Storm ARPH #14215

Cedar and Storm are 6-year-old littermates who have lived together all their lives. They were rescued from Ohio at 6 months of age and placed in a loving home for six years Unfortunately, due to divorce they were recently surrendered back into ARPH care. They returned to their original ARPH foster home in Vermont, where they will stay until they can be placed into their forever, forever home.

Both boys are really sweet, loving and affectionate. They thrive on attention. They are super content when sitting on the couch on either side of their foster mom for snuggle time. They are thrilled with being groomed and especially enjoy the massager head on the vacuum! Each truly characters in their own right!

Cedar is a Red-Tri, very playful, very silly and an all-around goofy guy. He has a ton of energy and is always up for new adventures. He is his brother’s ears because…

Storm is a Double Blue Merle and is also Deaf. He is super sensitive and watches carefully to determine what is expected of him, often taking Cedar’s lead. He has most hand signals down pat and is visibly pleased when he gets it right (which is almost always!) He is a sweet, gentle and loving boy!

They both love their crates, and easily go into them when asked. They enjoy car rides and outings are a big adventure! Both are neutered, fully up to date on vaccinations including recent dentals, and have microchips.

If you are interested in Cedar and Storm, who will be adopted together, please submit an adoption application. They are currently in Vermont. We do vet, reference and in-home checks on all of our potential adopters. Potential adopters will travel to their foster home to meet them.

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