Available ARPH Dogs in the South West Region


ARPH's South West region includes: Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, California, Nevada, Utah and Hawaii.  We may not have a Representative in each location. Please check our Contact Page to see our list of Representatives.

Our organization requires prospective adopters to complete a simple, yet necessary, approval process prior to meeting with dogs in our program. This includes:

*Completion of Adoption Application
*Veterinarian Check
*Reference Checks
*Home Visit

Our ultimate goal is to screen and counsel potential homes to the best of our ability in an attempt to find the most perfect match and fit for your lifestyle. Please keep in mind that color and appearance of the available dog is last on our priority list.

Please refrain from contacting one of our Rep's until your screening process has been completed and approved. We do not discuss specific dogs within our program or potential matches until AFTER you have been approved.

**Our organization requires a donation of $300 to adopt.**




   Foster ARPH #14072

This handsome red tri is Foster.  He is 8 years young, he is neutered, heart-worm negative, crate trained and. house broken.  Foster came to us a few months go when his human passed and the family was unable to take him.

Foster truly grieved the loss of his human but is ready now for new adventures.  Foster is a true gentleman.  He loves playing with his ball, taking walks and is learning that car rides result in fun.  Foster gets along quite well with female dogs (over 20 lbs) but not so much with male dogs.  Foster’s ideal home would be with a retired couple or single person who can spend lots of time with him.  Young children and cats are not recommended.  Foster really wants nothing more that to be with his human.  He is sweet, loving and eager to please.

If you feel Foster might be the perfect companion for your life style, please complete the Adoption application.  Foster is located in Las Cruces, NM and any prospective adopters should be prepared to do a meet and greet with him including any other dogs of family members in the household. 

If you are an ARPH approved adopter and would like more information about Foster, please contact Donna Lee at 



Gala ARPH #14044
**on medical hold

Gala is a 20 month-old black tri female that came to us when she was just 5 weeks old along with 24 other Aussies, including her mother and brother, when a producer went out of business. At 38lbs, she is a nice sized Aussie. She is fully vetted, crate-trained, and house-trained. Walking nicely on the leash is still a work in progress but she is much improved.

Gala is best suited for an experienced dog owner and preferably one with Aussie experience. She is quite energetic and needs rules, consistency, and ongoing training so she is mentally and physically stimulated. She has been with us all this time because we believe she needs to be in an active home. Dog sports, hiking, jogging, etc.

Gala has been through multiple training classes. Currently, she is attending nose-work classes. We work on training of one kind or another every day. She is clicker trained and is very attentive when she knows you have it in your hand. She is very food and toy motivated and learns quickly. The big things we work on are not pulling when walking on a leash and not barking at other dogs or animals.

Gala is a versatile dog. She has been introduced to beginner’s obedience, agility, nose-work, and dock-diving. She also got to meet sheep and seemed to understand that her purpose was to move them not chase them. She has also learned a couple tricks—sit pretty and whisper—and has the ability to learn many more. She is a lovely, albeit busy, girl who is pretty much on the move unless she is asleep. That doesn’t mean she is running around crazy, although she does have zoomies from time to time. She is just busy—playing with toys, chewing on a water buffalo horn, wrestling with a resident dog, checking out the yard, coming to get a quick belly rub & give a few kisses, etc. She does have an "off-switch".

She crates well in the car, does not get carsick, and is excited about getting to go to new places. She loves playing fetch, can catch a frisbee, and enjoys swimming. While we haven’t attempted running or jogging with her yet, it is quite possible it is something she would enjoy.

She rings the training bells to go outside to potty, and as long as she has appropriate things to chew on, she mostly leaves other things alone. She is an early riser and will bark to let you know she is ready to get up in the morning but she will quiet down for about 15 more minutes when told “it’s not time yet!” A bedtime walk and not letting her nap after supper helps improve the odds that she won’t wake at dawn.

At this point in time, Gala is still quite reserved with people but rarely barks when first meeting someone. She does warm up when treats are involved and then can become your best friend. She will definitely come around quickly to an adoptive family. She is unsure about new dogs but when she has been allowed to meet another dog, she has done well. She can be quite a nuisance to a “soft” dog who doesn’t correct her enthusiasm, so she would do best with a confident dog that is willing to judiciously correct her. Luckily, she does offer appropriate submission when corrected by the foster home’s resident dogs.

Gala would do well to have another dog as a role model but as she could potentially become a bossy female, it would need to be a male dog.
You will be required to travel to the foster home in Texas to meet Gala.

Please submit an adoption application if you are interested in any of our dogs. If you have already been approved, please contact Kim at kimgriswold@att.net for more information.


Kiitos ARPH #13584

Kiitos is located in Dallas, TX and it is required that you travel there to meet him in person to adopt, no exceptions. We do need the entire party to be involved when meeting available dogs, including every family member and dog(s) that currently live in your home.

Kiitos is an approximately 6-7yo fully-vetted red merle male with a sweet, easy-going demeanor. He originally came to our program with a large 2# (benign) growth on one of his paws that was surgically removed, and then he was treated for heartworms prior to being adopted. However, he recently returned to our organization after a year in his adoptive home due to a debilitating life-injury that rendered his adopter unable to physically care for him. Basically, this poor sweet guy has been through a lot, and deserves the happiness and stability of his FINAL forever home!

He is a low to medium energy dog, who loves every person he meets. He loves going for his daily walk and walks beautiful on a leash. His favorite past-time is getting to smell all the smells and greet everyone he passes.

He is a calm and easy going dog that is happy to spend time inside with his person, looking lovingly into your eyes. He is housebroken and crate trained, but is also trustworthy in the house uncrated. He rides well in the car and actually rather enjoys road trips.

He is not good with cats and although he gets along with dogs he really prefers humans so would do best as an only dog.

Please submit an adoption application if you are interested in any of our dogs. If you have already been approved, please contact Kim at kimgriswold@att.net for more information.

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