Available ARPH Dogs in the North West Region

ARPH's North West region includes: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming and  Western Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan).  We may not have a Representative in each location. Please check our Contact Page to see our list of Representatives.

Please complete our adoption application before contacting the Rep about an available dog.



Sport #13671

Sheltered Gentleman Seeks Adventures! Sport (#13671) is a 7 yo neutered blue merle that came into rescue with his two brothers when their owner passed away. Despite losing his person, his home, and his brothers, he’s adjusting well, which is a testament to his temperament and the fact he was well loved. He’s somewhat timid about new things, although very excited to go out and have adventures. He needs a calm, patient person who can teach him the world isn’t a scary place and that most people just want to give him the love he craves so desperately. He’s a typical Velcro Aussie and you will never be alone if he has his way. He gets along with the 12 yo resident dog, although his play style is a little boisterous for the older dog's taste. He finds the resident cat completely fascinating and has made great progress with him. He could live with a dog-savvy cat after a slow introduction.

He has perfect house manners and can be left loose with no issues. He has been crated at night so the cat could wander freely, and goes in willingly for a treat at bedtime. He has been less happy to be crated during the day when his foster mom was out. He rides well in the car and is happy to hang out while you run errands. He came into foster care not really knowing how to walk on a leash, which caused much hilarity. His foster mom was walking him with the resident dog one day and saw a friend driving by laughing. He’s gotten much better, but still needs some work on the concept of a straight line. Or at least a line that doesn’t involve circling one of his walking companions. Sport is also a bit reactive and barks at scary things, bikes, people, horses, but will look to you for reassurance and is distracted by treats.

He’s food motivated, but does not counter surf or beg. He will watch you very carefully in case something drops, but isn’t annoying. Sport was the heaviest of the three brothers when he came into rescue, but he’s lost weight in his foster home. He also takes medication for a thyroid condition, and quickly learned what the alarm for his evening pill meant. In fact, he’s super smart and catches on to new things really quickly. Working with him on tricks would likely help build his self-confidence.
If you are interested in Sport please fill out the application and we can get started on vet, reference and home checks!



Dreyfus #13791

Are you looking for someone to cuddle with? Dreyfus (#13791) is a six year old, oversized puppy who is pretty certain that all 68 pounds of him should be a lap dog. He and his brothers, Sport and Sebastian, came to rescue after their person passed away. He has clearly known a lot of love, but has not had a lot of exposure to new things. He will need someone to help him adjust to new experiences, as he is still a little too excited in the car to ride well loose (unless he’s tired), and he is reactive and barks at people and dogs when out for a walk. He walks pretty well on leash when there aren’t any distractions present and he is always excited to GO!

Dreyfus is exceptionally sweet, wants as much attention as you’ll give him, and loves to play fetch with the tennis ball. Stuffed toys are fun too, but they may not survive his enthusiasm for long. Dreyfus is good with the female dog in his foster home, and has lived with two other male dogs previously. He is initially a bit reactive to meeting new dogs, but works thru it fairly well. Cats are an unknown, but it’s likely he’d chase if they’ll run. Although he might counter surf if given the opportunity, he’s very well behaved inside the house even when left loose and unattended.

If you are interested in Dreyfus you can apply at aussierescue.org. Vet, reference and home checks are required.



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