Available ARPH Dogs in the North West Region

ARPH's North West region includes: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming and  Western Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan).  We may not have a Representative in each location. Please check our Contact Page to see our list of Representatives.

Please complete our adoption application before contacting the Rep about an available dog.




      Rafe ARPH #14210

Rafe is a 3-4 year old blue merle male who is neutered and fully up to date on his vaccinations. Rafe ❤️s people! He hasn't met anyone from a baby to an older person he doesn't like. He's super sweet and cuddly. He's such a happy, cheerful dog and spins in circles when you come home or it's time to go for a walk, or at meal time. He will wash the cat's ears and stands patiently while the cat gives a tentative lick back.

Although he has gotten along with the resident dog most of the time, some snarking has occurred and he can be reactive to some dogs on leash which his foster home has worked with by asking him to sit patiently for a treat until other dogs have passed. Other than that, he walks well on leash after some initial pulling and loves to be groomed. He had to be shaved when initially brought into ARPH because of a lot of matting. He does not care for a crate because he wants to be with his human family; he is not destructive and is fine left loose in the home.

Rafe weighs about 60 pounds and but is on a diet and should lose at least another 5.

If you are an ARPH approved adopter and would like more information about Rafe please contact Jan at arphinpnw@gmail.com.



Aspen ARPH #14058

Aspen is looking for her forever home! Aspen is 1 year old, spayed, fully up to date on vaccinations and weighs 32 pounds. Although Aspen is shy initially, she is an absolute love with people, and gets along well with resident dogs although she does resource guard.

Aspen is a mellow Aussie who loves to cuddle on your lap or in your bed but is crate trained which is where she sleeps at night. She's a champion hiker, having hiked well over 100 miles this summer with her foster parents and their three Aussies. She is reactive to other unfamiliar dogs and all horses, but doing well in training with that and her eventual home will need to continue to work on that. She has completed Senior Puppy class and has started some basic agility training. Cats are unknown.

Aspen is located in Eastern Washington State.

If you are an ARPH approved adopter and would like more information about Aspen please contact Jan at arphinpnw@gmail.com.


  Super Cooper
ARPH #14208

Cooper is looking for a cat and male dog free home (he chases cats and can be snarky with other resident male dogs but is non-reactive on leash; he has gotten along well with females). Such a sweet pup, and he loves people and wants to be with you always!

Cooper is 5 years old and has hip dysplasia so will never be a PNW adventure dog. He'll love just walking the neighborhood with you. Cooper needs a quiet home since he is noise sensitive (his previous home was near a gun range and it totally stressed him out). Cooper is neutered, fully vetted and crate trained. He is 57 pounds but could lose a few more.

If you are an ARPH approved adopter and would like more information about Super Cooper please contact Jan at arphinpnw@gmail.com.


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