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Trudy ARPH #13608
Bryce ARPH #13607
Bonded Pair 

These two sweethearts were surrendered to Animal Control after being found neglected in an overgrown outdoor kennel. Apparently their elderly owner was no longer able to care for them. ARPH was contacted and fortunately we had a foster home step up to help. Trudy and Bryce are looking for a home together since they are very bonded and have been together all their lives.

Trudy and Bryce are both sweeter than sweet happy go lucky pups. They are 9 years old but watching them play and interact one would think that they are much younger. We suspect that they had to of received loving attention most of their lives judging by how socialized they are. They greet everyone with kisses and their little nubs never stop wiggling. They both LOVE to catch Frisbees. If foster mom hides the Frisbee after playing, they will search for it hoping that it can be brought out once again just to play just a little more. They both are crate and housetrained. They both get along great with other dogs with Trudy being just a little more reserved than Bryce.

Bryce is a Double Merle male and is deaf. He weighs around 30 pounds. Foster mom took Bryce to the Ophthalmologist and he was the hit of the place. He wanted to love on everyone he met there. Since Bryce is deaf, we wanted to have his eyes checked to identify any possible ocular abnormalities that may be associated with his merle gene. Good news! The Ophthalmologist said that he had very good vision, his vision should remain stable for the rest of his life and no further follow up or treatment are needed. He may have a little vision compromise when his eyes adjust from going into a bright setting from a dim one, but other than that all looks great. His sister Trudy likes to look after him while Bryce seems more carefree and just wants to have fun. Bryce likes to go into his crate and will stay there to sleep with the crate door open. He rides well in the car and likes to look out the window enjoying the passing scenery. He has good recall just with a hand wave and knows sit and down with hand signals. He is very treat motivated and loves to learn. Foster mom says, “Love to watch him tossing toys around and self playing. Absolutely loves to climb in lap for cuddles and pets. He looks like the happiest dog ever when he is in a lap.”

Trudy is a Black Tri female and weighs around 40 pounds. Trudy is a very happy girl and loves to stay close to her person. As of right now, she likes to be accompanied out in the yard as if she is concerned that she might be left there. She has a strong interest in learning new things. She has a good sit and down command. Foster mom says, “She has a wonderful nubbin wag. When I go to let her out of her crate She will lift one paw and get wiggly. If the blanket is messed up in her crate she somehow manages to get it all straightened out.”

Trudy and Bryce are looking to be adopted together. A home with a physical fence is an absolute requirement. They will also need a home where they will get regular backyard play time with such activities as Frisbee and ball retrieving. Their home will also need to be committed to ongoing training as this is important for bonding and communication. Since they do like to jump, only homes with kids 9 and older will be considered.

If you are an approved ARPH adopter and interested in adopting Bryce and Trudy together, please contact fondapoland@gmail.com for further discussion. They are being fostered in Northwestern Indiana. If you are interested in becoming an approved ARPH adopter, the first step is to submit an application.



I can do the aussie wiggle!


Lady ARPH #13961

Lady is a sweet 6-year-old Red Tri with pricked ears. Before coming into ARPH, Lady and her owner's routine was to sit on the couch together, watch Westerns and eat hamburgers. Lady enjoyed barking at the dogs on the shows and just being by her human. She didn't get much activity as her person was not feeling very well over the past year. So, Lady put on a few extra pounds and is weighing in at about 55 pounds right now.

Unfortunately, her owner died a few weeks ago and she has been very sad. A neighbor promised her owner that she would make sure that Lady would be cared for. Lady went into boarding/daycare until arrangements could be made for us to take her into ARPH. She did fine with all the dogs there. Now that she is in her foster home, it is obvious that Lady misses her person as she was thoroughly loved. However, she is becoming happier each day and loves hanging out with her foster family including the older resident dog named Bear.

Her coat is sun bleached but will darken with time. Foster mom says she is a super sweet girl who is house trained, knows to go to her place and loves to run in the yard. She has great recall, takes correction well, eager to please, treat driven, and knows a few basic commands. Lady cat tested well but has not lived with cats nor kids. She has a laid back personality but gets super excited when her humans come home. She will bark when she initially meets someone at her foster home but then likes their attention. Right now she is shy in public places because it is all new to her. Lady has the typical velcro aussieness and wants to be right at your side.

Lady is looking for a home where she can safely run and play, have daily walks and be a companion with her human. Lady is being fostered in the Southern Indiana area.

If you are an approved ARPH adopter and interested in learning more about Lady, please contact fondapoland@gmail.com for further discussion. If you are interested in becoming an approved ARPH adopter, the first step is to submit an application


Watch me play tug!

Teddy ARPH #13689

Meet Teddy.

Teddy is a 60-pound Red Merle who was born on January 22, 2012. He originally was brought into ARPH in June of 2015 and was adopted out to a single man with a teenage daughter. He also adopted ARPH’s Hank at the same time. Hank and Teddy both loved playing and chasing one another. Unfortunately, after having their home for only 18 months their adopter contacted ARPH and said he needed to surrender both dogs due to changes in his lifestyle, which did not include Hank and Teddy. So, both dogs are now back in our fostering program looking for their furever homes.

Teddy is strikingly handsome in appearance and has gorgeous blue eyes. He is on the medium scale relative to his energy and likes consistency and structure. One of his favorite activities is playing with his pull toy. He also loves loves loves snuggling on the couch with his foster parents. He plays well with the resident dogs at his foster home. Teddy does well meeting strangers out in public but can become protective with selected visitors when they first come to the door. Foster mom is regularly inviting visitors over to help Teddy become more relaxed. Teddy does fine once he knows that his person is ok. Teddy is house trained and knows his basic commands. He is a very loyal boy who quickly bonds to his person. He has already been abandoned 3 times in his short life and just wants a home to call his own.

Teddy is looking for an Aussie savvy loving home with handling skills who will provide him with regular mental and physical exercise and a structured environment. Teddy is being fostered in Northwestern Indiana. If you are an approved ARPH adopter and are interested in a loyal Aussie who is smart and lovable, please contact fondapoland@gmail.com for further discussion. If you are interested in becoming an approved ARPH adopter, the first step is to submit an application. Phone calls or emails will not be considered until there is an application on file.


Can you say cute?


Dabs ARPH #13688

Dabs is an approximate one year old sweet sweet sweet female Black Tri with a tail and has one of the best personalities. This cutie patootie was dropped off at a closed Animal Shelter in the middle of winter when she was just a few months old. The Shelter Director spotted her in the headlights as she drove into the parking lot. Dabs ran away but stayed nearby. Finally, after several months, the Shelter staff were able to catch her with a live trap.

Dabs had the sweetest disposition right from the start but was very shy and timid. Therefore, she was tagged as rescue only and ARPH was contacted. When she came into ARPH, Dabs initially preferred to stay in her crate and watch from a distance. Now, she has gained confidence and is very playful and fun loving in her foster home.

In public, Dab is cautious with strangers but is receptive to petting and greetings upon the proper approach. She is progressively becoming more engaging as she is exposed to more social situations. Dabs loves hanging out and playing with the canines in her foster home.

Dabs has made great progress since coming into ARPH and is now ready for a home of her own with a dog savvy nurturing family who can help her to continue to learn that humans are fun and safe and to continue to provide her with socialization. Did we say how much she absolutely loves to play with other dogs? Dabs loves to play with toys and will drag them out of the toy box and keep herself entertained. Dabs is house trained and knows to sit for treats. She does fine with short periods in her crate. She is a puppy and likes to chew. So, she will need to be provided with chew sticks and toys.

Dabs is being fostered in Central Indiana. Dabs is looking for a home with a physical fenced in yard that includes at least one other stable canine to help her learn the ropes and to be a playmate.

If you are an approved ARPH adopter and are interested in this sweet lovable girl, please contact fondapoland@gmail.com for further discussion. If you are interested in becoming an approved ARPH adopter, the first step is to submit an application. Phone calls or emails will not be considered until there is an application on file.


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