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ARPH's Mid West region includes: Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Wisconsin and Central Canada (Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunuvut).  We may not have a Representative in each location. Please check our Contact Page to see our list of Representatives.

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      Murphy ARPH #14195

Murphy is around 3 years old. Murphy came to us from a breeding situation. His owners were no longer able to keep him.

Murphy may be timid and slow to warm up to new people but his is quite the snugglebug once he opens up! This teddy bear of an Aussie is very good at demanding head pets with his relentless snout nudges.

Murphy seems to be a little wary of children and would probably do best in a home with older kids.

Murphy is an extremely playful pup, and absolutely loves zooming around the yard chasing the other dogs in his foster home. He also LOVES stuffed toys and will even steal socks from the laundry to play with. Murphy is crate trained and has greatly improved with his housebreaking.

Help this snuggle monster find his forever home!

If you are an ARPH approved adopter and would like more information about Murphy please contact Ashley at [email protected]. If you are not an ARPH approved adopter please submit an adoption application.




Esther likes to run

Playing in the water

Esther learning Place and Release

Esther being silly with brushing

Playing Hide the Ball


    Esther ARPH #14265

Hi! I'm Esther.

I am a 43 pound three-year-old, very friendly and bouncy blue-merle Aussie girl with a party-girl full tail! I LOVE people. I like children (nine and older, because of my bounciness), rides in cars, balls, chewies, toys, baths (spa day!) and SNUGGLING! I am very sweet and pretty; everyone says so (blush!). I am crate-trained and housebroken, but in my former life, I was stuck in the crate most of the time, but now I am enjoying long walks with my foster mom. My foster mom says I am super smart and that I aim to please. I know my basic commands, I am very fun loving and need a family who will provide me with mental challenges and my regular daily walks. I think I would EXCEL in a tricks class (wouldn't that be fun?) I absolutely love the water so swimming options would be a big plus. I need to be the only dog in the home because sometimes other dogs just get on my nerves at times. I also need a cat free home because I guess I like to chase them too much. I recently partially severed my patellar tendon, so I was told that my frisbee athletic days are over. The good news is that the tendon will fibrose and heal over the next couple of months, but I will always need to protect my leg by not doing athletics that require twisting, jumping and turning. . Otherwise, I can do all kinds of other activities like long walks and swimming. Did I mention how everyone comments as to how lovable I am?

I am being fostered in East Central Indiana.

If you are an approved ARPH adopter with a current application on file and interested in learning more about me, please contact Fonda at [email protected]. If you are not an ARPH approved adopter please submit an adoption application. Only approved applicants will be contacted.



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