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ARPH's Mid West region includes: Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Wisconsin and Central Canada (Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunuvut).  We may not have a Representative in each location. Please check our Contact Page to see our list of Representatives.

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Coco loves playing in the pool

Playing with ball in the house

Playing with ball and resident aussie

Playing with hose


    Coco ARPH #13785

This cutie is a beautiful Red Tri with striking blue eyes and a birth date of 12/1/19. Her surrendering "older" owners reportedly dropped her off at the shelter saying she was just too much for them at their age. We have found Coco to be the typical energized Aussie pup. Coco loves to play with anything she can find...lo...l and is one lovable little girl. She is all puppy!

Coco is very athletic with an easy vertical jump of 5 feet . Coco likes playing with her ball and any other toy that she finds, gets along great with the resident Aussies in her foster home, and loves being around her humans. Her very favorite thing of all is playing in the water - a baby pool, bath, and the hose and then she is one happy girl. She is coming along nicely with her house training and sleeps through the night in an open crate in the bedroom and doesn’t move until morning. She knows her basic commands of sit, down, and stay.

Coco has the typical Aussie puppy mouthiness which can easily be redirected with toys and has been steadily improving in her foster home. She also needs to be crated when not directly supervised until she grows out of her puppy stage. Coco greets all the humans she meets with affection. An unknown as she is not being fostered with cats. Coco is being fostered in the Central Indiana Area.

This smart active girl would not do well crated all day. So, a home where the family is home during the day would work best. An Aussie experienced family commitment to formal puppy training classes and regular exercise including play activities are a must. A 6 foot privacy fence for safety is preferred. Dog savvy children 9 and over would be selectively considered due to her bounciness.

If you are an approved ARPH adopter with a current application on file and interested in learning more about Coco, please contact Fonda at [email protected]. If you are not an ARPH approved adopter please submit an adoption application. Only approved applicants will be contacted.




Playing in the water

Playing in the pool

Politely waits before eating

Esther playing 'find it'

    Esther ARPH #14265

Reintroducing, Esther!

Esther is a super smart, 51 pound, friendly and bouncy blue-merle Aussie with a party-girl full tail and a birthdate of 11/20/16! Esther LOVES her people and visitors to her home. She is house and crate-trained; however, she is very lady like and does not need crating. Esther thoroughly enjoys LOTS of morning snuggles, lots of walks, and ball and toy play with her foster parents.

Esther partially severed her patellar tendon several months ago. However, the good news is that the tendon has now healed as expected. Esther will always need to protect her leg from further injury by not doing athletics that require twisting, jumping and turning. Otherwise, she can do all regular kinds of activities like long walks, chasing balls, swimming and can jog nicely at the same pace as her foster mom (although walks are more appreciated by her foster mom, not necessarily Esther). Did we mention how everyone comments as to how lovable Esther is once she earns your trust?

Esther likes to play hide and seek, minds "stay" and "leave it" very well, and even will stay in her "place' while family meals are eaten. Esther has done very well with long car rides and loves to be on the go. Water...YES! Esther loves water to play in for hours if allowed. Because of previous trauma, Esther is not a fan of going to the vet or groomers, but her foster parents are helping her to become more comfortable.

Esther needs to be the "spoiled" only dog in the home. Esther has had a very long road and will need someone who has a rescue heart with the patience it takes for her loving soul to shine through. Esther will reward you abundantly with love and affection once she trusts you. Esther would thrive in a quieter home where she has a structured schedule which includes regular walks, plenty of snuggles and fun play time. Esther is being fostered in the North Central Illinois area.

If you are an approved ARPH adopter with a current application on file and interested in learning more about Esther, please contact Fonda at [email protected]. If you are not an ARPH approved adopter please submit an adoption application. Emails cannot be considered until there is an adoption application on file.



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