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Zane ARPH #14102

This cute little guy is Zane. He's about 1 1/2 years old and came into ARPH from a rural area for chasing down chickens which is a story that has led us to many great dogs before him. Zane is a sweet boy who wants love and attention all of the time from his person. Sometimes he jumps up when he gets excited but is learning better manners from his foster home. He's a smart boy but has a lot to learn yet.

Zane loves other dogs and loves to play with them. He can be a bit pushy and rough about it like many young Aussies but is very good natured about it all.

He is very good about being in a crate and relaxing there.

Zane is somewhat fearful of new people when he first goes to new places but adjusts well over time with exposure and patience. He's comfortable with multiple surfaces and places but needs calm and time to meet new people. We believe this behavior will reduce significantly over time if he's handled properly.

This lovely young boy is looking for a forever home with an experienced dog owner who will help him mature into an even more wonderful dog than he already is. If already approved contact Amy.




Epic ARPH #14109

Meet Epic ARPH # 14109! He is sweet, blue Merle w/red factor, blue-eyed boy about 1.5 years old with a huge heart and lots of love to give. He is neutered and in good health (no known allergies). He is 65lbs, a little clumsy and thinks that his life-long profession is to shadow anyone in his family. He enjoys spending time with each member of the family at different times and does not care who he is with, as long as he is with someone. He has been a perfect boy at his current foster home. He was an owner surrender, due to lifestyle changes, at no fault of his own. By nature, he falls on the “laid back” side on the spectrum of Aussie personalities.

He is house trained (his only accident has been when a visitor arrived or when his family arrives home, he will pee a little on the floor. This can be avoided easily by letting him outside right before a guest arrives, or first thing when arriving home) and his foster family has never had a need to put him into a crate-even when visiting/staying over with friends and family (no chewing or messes). Both of his foster parents work full-time, so during working hours, he stays free in the house with their other aussie. Most days, he does get let outside at lunch time, but has done just fine when that option was unavailable.

He enjoys traveling and adventures; he is perfect riding in vehicles (just lays down and naps, but will get a little nervous if you get out of the car to fuel-up etc.).
He does well with basic commands such as “sit” and “come.” He will pull some while on a leash when excited, but for the most part, he walks very well. He does not act like he has been off of a leash many times, but he has not shown any indications of trying to run away either. He always likes to stay close to his family. While in the yard, he will sometimes take his time to come, but he always does and hasn’t run from either of them in any instance. His foster family recommends a decent fenced yard or someone who will diligently take him on walks, hiking or running several times a week. He doesn’t need to constantly run, but he’s still an Aussie and needs appropriate physical activity.

He has gotten along with all dogs he has come in contact with (both male and female) and currently lives with a 3 year old female aussie. They enjoy playing periodically throughout the day and get along extremely well, but he also would do just fine as an only dog. He is more excited about meeting new people versus meeting new dogs.

Regarding cats, he is reactive. He has not shown aggression, but his foster family has observed him chasing cats if they run from him or hiss at him. He has been around a dog-friendly cat that he will sniff and watch, but he has not chased or barked because the cat is very easy-going.

He is very easy to groom and sits very still for his nails being trimmed. His thick coat needs to be brushed often (foster mom recommends a shedding tool) in order to avoid matting/constant vacuuming.

Epic will play with a stuffed toy from time-to-time: he enjoys a good tug and will sometimes fetch a tennis ball (and only a tennis ball: nothing else), but he is more of a sweetheart by nature. He would rather a person actually play with him and love on him, rather than playing with toys. He really enjoys “dancing” (i.e. jumping, wiggling) around the living room with his people, as his foster mom calls it.

From observation/experience, he adores children. He came from a home with an elementary school-age child and he is currently living with a 9 month old infant. He is the most patient dog with her. She can’t move yet, but he never fails to greet her as soon as she is home from childcare (honestly, he is more excited to see her than anyone else), and periodically will walk up to her bouncer/highchair/etc. to make sure she’s okay, let her touch and talk to him (mostly yell lol), and then go on to see what one of his foster parents are doing around the house. He will just lay down very still and let her love on him; he has shown no signs of being uneasy ever. He just eats it up. He has also been around groups of kids and is very gentle, but playful. He wants to run and play. When his foster family first arrives home, they have noticed that he is very excited and will jump up some, but there have been no instances that they have felt he was too rough. He calms down very quickly.

Epic is looking for a good family to love unconditionally. He needs a family that will enjoy playing and adventuring by day, and cuddling with some ear scratches on the couch by night.

Epic will need a traditional fenced yard and someone that is willing to continue to train and work with him.  He’s a great boy but still a pup and needs to continue his education. 

Epic is being fostered in Southern, WV.  If ARPH approved please contact Tami.  If not approved you may fill out an application to adopt at 


Pip ARPH #13782


Meet Pip. He lived with one family from a young pup until he was 3 and came to ARPH. In his original home he lived with children, horses, chickens, cats and dogs and did fine with everyone there. He also loved baths, the car and had been swimming. Unfortunately the family did not have time for him so he got overweight and had a lot of pent up energy.

Pip is a super affectionate and sweet dog who loves attention. Pip is housebroken and does well on a leash and in the car. In his foster home, he has a growing interest in the resident cats so will be best in a cat free home or with dog savvy cats. Pip gets along well with all of the other dogs in his foster home. He started out being rough with them but settled down well and plays nicely. He’s gotten a ton of exercise and has slimmed down which has also increased his energy level. He needs physical and mental stimulation or he will revert to destructive chewing. Like many young aussies, Pip does jump up on you when he gets excited but calms down quickly. He is a little unsure of strangers at first but warms up quickly and then loves the attention. Due to one outlier incident where he went after some elderly people’s shoes, Pip will only be adopted to an experienced home and with children over 14. This active, very sweet boy will make a great companion.
If already approved contactAmy.



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