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Billy ARPH #13686

Meet Billy – a seven year old Blue Merle Male with a lot of love to give. 

Billy is currently being fostered in Alexandria, Virginia with a family that includes small children, another Aussie and cats. 
He is great with all people of all sizes (tall booming gregarious men, newborns, children running around, and he's even toddler tested - he enjoyed being petted), dogs, and cats. He came into rescue because his previous owner said he wasn't good with chickens – his foster family took him to a farm and Billy could not have cared less about any of the farm animals – including chickens!

Billy is house trained and does his business the moment he goes outside. He responds to and is learning about the leash and does pull which he and his foster mom are working on and has great recall when off-leash as he just wants to be by his foster mom's side. 

Billy is a messy eater as he often carries pieces of food with him to follow his foster mom to another room but anybody (including children/strangers) can take treats out of his mouth, pet him, fuss with his paws, or move his dish completely while his food is out. 

He is on the heavier side, and this naturally makes him a bit lower in energy based on whatever his previous lifestyle was before but he has been joining his foster family for longer walks and hikes every day.  

Billy likes to ride in the car. He travels and loads fine -- once he realized the car meant that he got to go somewhere fun and come back home each time rather than being transported to a different state! 

Billy is not a fan of the crate – so when necessary he's restricted to certain parts of the house – and settles down without issue. He likes to play ball, and is learning to play and enjoy play with the young Aussie that lives with him here - but he truly adores being by his foster mom's side lazing in the grass when working in the garden or lounging as close as possible to her when she's sitting or standing still. 

Billy's foster mom has seen physical improvement and eagerness in him since his stay at her home! He appears lighter, less stressed, and the Aussie that lives here has convinced him to chase him around the yards a bit for good exercise with and without toys on a few occasions.
Overall, Billy is a very laid back Aussie and a happy and attentive guy – very content, just hanging out with his human! But his foster mom thinks he would benefit from being in a home with another dog -- to help him learn how to be a dog, play, and get a little cardio to shed some pounds!  

If you are approved to adopt through ARPH or interested in Billy, please contact Karen for more information.






 Meet Biggie! Biggie is a two-year-old male neutered goof of an Australian Shepherd. 

Biggie is an adorable BIG Aussie- he weighs approximately 88lbs, but could probably lose a few pounds. He is a beautiful dog with a full coat that is mostly white with some red merle markings on his back and legs, ice blue eyes, and a wagging nubbin of tail. His looks get a lot of attention from passer-bys when he walks in his foster neighborhood!

He is housebroken, and is not crate trained. He has not at all been destructive at his foster home. He is a smart, food-motivated dog, that has learned "sit" and "down" in response to hand signals while in fostercare. 

Biggie is a curious and enthusiastic dog who loves to do many things. At the top of his list are walks. Biggie walks beautifully on a leash, naturally at a "heel" position without pulling. He likes to walk slowly, taking in all the sights and smells. He also loves chasing after a ball in the backyard, and will carry the ball inside until you're ready to play again. 

One the biggest joys of caring for Biggie is how excited he gets when you see him. One of his favorite things to do when you walk in the door is to tuck between your legs and gaze lovingly up at you while he awaits your pets. He is a classic Aussie velcro dog.

He is friendly with all other dogs he's met in foster-care, and is patient and deferent with his older bossy foster-fursister. He's also friendly with strangers.

Biggie is a homozygous merle Australian Shepherd and is deaf. Due to this, he sometimes appears fearful on walks when taken by surprise by humans, dogs, or cars. He also doesn't know his own size and can run into unsuspecting human legs, tries to squeeze in tight spots between furniture, and sometimes doesn't realize that he's too big to be a lapdog. As a young Aussie, he is relatively high energy and needs daily walks and play sessions- as he does show evidence of obsessively licking his paws if bored.

Biggie will make a fabulous, loyal, playful and loving friend to his future forever home. He is currently being fostered in Pittsburgh. If you’re an approved ARPH adopter and interested in meeting Biggie or learning more, please contact  
Maribeth .






Ginger ARPH #13650





Mack ARPH #13709





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