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ARPH's Mid Atlantic region includes: Delaware, DC, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia .  We may not have a Representative in each location. Please check our Contact Page to see our list of Representatives.

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Sheba ARPH #1378

Sheba is a 9 month old sweetheart who’s about 35 pounds. She is very affectionate and looks for love and approval often.  She tends to be submissive but not nervous. She is friendly with people of all ages and sizes. She does have the tendency to jump when excited and can be nippy when she’s excited as well. Sheba has a lot of puppy energy but is not over the top in energy level. 

Sheba  hasn't met a dog she didn't like. She loves to play with other dogs and can be a bit too much for older dogs. She does respect them when told to back off but will try again later.  She is crate trained but also sleeps loose at night in a safe area. She is a chewer of inappropriate items at time going along with her young age. Her foster mom has taught her to sit and she has excellent recall. Sheba is a wonderful dog but will require work as she is still very much a pup. She will need an owner with prior Aussie experience. If already approved contact Amy.




See my wiggle in action!

Megan ARPH #13713

Megan is a very sweet resilient happy 9 year old. She warms up and attaches quickly to her person. She spent the first part of her life living mostly in a crate in an environment with a lot of other aussies where many were bred. ARPH took in 5 of these dogs. Megan wasn’t in the best of conditions when she came in but has had plenty of TLC in her foster home. She cleaned up very nicely and is feeling so much better since her dental where she had to have 15 teeth extracted. Megan loves to be outside where she can roam and explore. Despite some arthritis and how overweight she is, she does like to run in short spurts. She has gone on long walks which she enjoys and will need continued exercise and diet to help her slim down. She likes the company of other dogs and gets along very well with them. She does not bark when visitors arrive even though the resident dogs bark.

Megan had no exposure to the world before she came to ARPH. When she first arrived, she had to be encouraged to come out of her area and interact. She’s very comfortable at home and outside but still gets frightened by new situations. She will require patience and understanding to help her work through these times. Megan would do best in a home that wants a companion at home and isn’t expecting her to go to lots of new places all of the time. Since she likes other dogs so much and they seem to help give her confidence, she will only be placed in a home with other dog(s).

Megan will make a lovely addition to a family. If already approved contact Amy.


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