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Cricket is one of the 5 dogs that ARPH took in that were mostly living in crates with a lot of other Aussies; many were bred. Cricket needed a lot of TLC  initially but was very good for all of her grooming, nail trims, and other clean up. During the clean up it was noticed that she must have been in a bad fight when she was younger as she’s missing part of one ear and the other ear is split. She also had to be treated for a urinary tract infection (all cleared up), had some teeth extracted and was spayed. This 10 year old girl is feeling so much better now and has plenty of energy for her age. 

Cricket is a very nice, quiet, happy, dog, and her foster home says that she has been a pleasure fostering.  She integrated into her foster dog family very easily. She is shy around people and will not approach them on her own. She’s learning that she does not need to be afraid of people or people on bicycles. She takes treats very gently but has to sniff them first to make sure she’ll like them. She loves going in the car for rides and travels well in her crate. She’s good in a crate but now prefers to sleep on the floor in her foster mom’s bedroom. 

Cricket has been taken to several parks for long walks and does get nervous in new locations.  But after a few minutes, she settles down and walks nicely on leash. She learns quickly; she was very scared of stairs when she first arrived but only had to see another dog demo them and was fine.  She definitely prefers to be off leash, so a fenced yard would be best so she can run around.  Cricket would love a home with a dog that will play with her as she continues to try to engage the foster home's dogs in play.

This happy girl doesn't cuddle, but she likes to be with you. She deserves to live out her years in a loving environment. If you have an approved application contact Amy.


    Megan ARPH #13713

Megan is a very sweet and loving older girl of 9 years old. She spent the first part of her life living mostly in a crate in an environment with a lot of other aussies where many were bred. ARPH took in 5 of these dogs and she is one of the first to be ready for adoption.  Megan wasn’t in the best of conditions when she came in but has had plenty of TLC in her foster home. She cleaned up very nicely and is feeling so much better since her dental where she had to have 15 teeth extracted. She was spayed then as well. 

When she first arrived, she had to be encouraged with food and/or a leash to come out of her area and interact. Now she loves to be outside and play with the younger dogs in the foster home. She’s friendly with strangers and other dogs. She seems comfortable around babies and their strollers but hasn’t had much child exposure in her foster home. Her original home reported that she was good with children. 

Megan has been going long walks to get her good exercise and to lose weight. She enjoys these and it would be good to continue them to keep working on her weight. Megan is also very comfortable in her crate. She a wonderful companion and would make an excellent addition to a family.  If you have an approved application contact Amy.

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