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Zane ARPH #14102

This cute little guy is Zane. He's about 1 1/2 years old and came into ARPH from a rural area for chasing down chickens which is a story that has led us to many great dogs before him. Zane is a sweet boy who wants love and attention all of the time from his person. Sometimes he jumps up when he gets excited but is learning better manners from his foster home. He's a smart boy but has a lot to learn yet.

Zane loves other dogs and loves to play with them. He can be a bit pushy and rough about it like many young Aussies but is very good natured about it all.

He is very good about being in a crate and relaxing there.

Zane is somewhat fearful of new people when he first goes to new places but adjusts well over time with exposure and patience. He's comfortable with multiple surfaces and places but needs calm and time to meet new people. We believe this behavior will reduce significantly over time if he's handled properly.

This lovely young boy is looking for a forever home with an experienced dog owner who will help him mature into an even more wonderful dog than he already is. If already approved contact Amy.



Benji ARPH #13747

Benji is a 2.5 year old Blue Merle male who came to rescue because his owners had no time for him. Benji is VERY smart -- he can sit, stay and shake. He loves learning. When he's tired he gives himself a "time-out" and goes to his crate for a nap!

Benji weighs about 50 lbs. He's your typical active male Aussie -- but he tires easily of his younger foster brother. So we think he'd do best as an only dog in an active home, or with an older more laid back dog. Benji is a CAT CHASER and a CHICKEN CHASER -- it's a habit his foster mom cannot break. He needs a little leash work - he's a bit of a puller, but he's working on it and as smart as he is, he'll be leash trained in no time! He loves to play frisbee and catch -- he does need to work on release.

Cute Benji has one brown eye and one blue eye -- his previous owner shaved his beautiful coat, so he will be even cuter when his coat grows back! Best of all -- Benji is kid friendly! Really a great dog! He is up to date on all vaccinations and is neutered. Benji is being fostered in western Virginia. If you have an APPROVED application contact Karen.


Pip ARPH #13782


Meet Pip. He lived with one family from a young pup until he was 3 and came to ARPH. In his original home he lived with children, horses, chickens, cats and dogs and did fine with everyone there. He also loved baths, the car and had been swimming. Unfortunately the family did not have time for him so he got overweight and had a lot of pent up energy.

Pip is a super affectionate and sweet dog who loves attention. Pip is housebroken and does well on a leash and in the car. In his foster home, he has a growing interest in the resident cats so will be best in a cat free home or with dog savvy cats. Pip gets along well with all of the other dogs in his foster home. He started out being rough with them but settled down well and plays nicely. He’s gotten a ton of exercise and has slimmed down which has also increased his energy level. He needs physical and mental stimulation or he will revert to destructive chewing. Like many young aussies, Pip does jump up on you when he gets excited but calms down quickly. He is a little unsure of strangers at first but warms up quickly and then loves the attention. Due to one outlier incident where he went after some elderly people’s shoes, Pip will only be adopted to an experienced home and with children over 14. This active, very sweet boy will make a great companion.
If already approved contactAmy.



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